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Feeding & Swallowing Therapy

The interaction between the multiple phases of the feeding and swallowing processes can be challenging for people.

Clients presenting issues in these fields can be assisted by our certified therapists.

We provide assistance with processes issues including and not limited to sucking, chewing, moving food or liquid into the throat, starting the swallow and squeezing food down the throat, the closing of the airway to keep food or liquid out and to prevent coughing and choking. More...

Speech & Language Therapy

Articulation, voice and fluency. These are services that target how we make speech sounds using the mouth, lips, and tongue. How we use our vocal folds and breath to make sounds and the controlled rhythm of our speech.

Also, we have specializations on receptive and expressive language disorders which can help on how we communicate ideas and express our needs.


Dysphagia Therapy

Dysphagia is a swallowing disorder involving the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, or gastroesophageal junction. Consequences of dysphagia include malnutrition and dehydration, aspiration pneumonia, compromised general health, chronic lung disease, choking, and even death. Clients with dysphagia may also experience disinterest, reduced enjoyment, embarrassment, and/or isolation related to eating or drinking. Please, contact us for assistance. Our therapists are ready to help! More...

Cognitive-Communication Therapy

Alzheimer's disease, Brain tumors, Stroke, Traumatic brain injury (TBI), reduced awareness and ability to initiate and effectively communicate needs. Reduced memory, judgment, and ability to initiate and effectively exchange routine information. Difficulty performing personal lifestyle management activities effectively (i.e., pay bills), reduced ability to anticipate potential consequences with reasonable judgment and problem solving, ability to manage emotions, risk for injury due to inability to communicate in an emergency and/or anticipate the consequences of own actions. At BSTC we can help to mitigate these health issues and to regain control of life and wellbeing for patients and their families. More...

Occupational Therapy

Our OTs receive formal education in physical, mental, and emotional health. OTs have the ability to assist a wide range of clients.

Common diagnoses and conditions include Autism, ADHD, Sensory processing, developmental delays, delays or concerns with cognitive skills, executive functioning, activities of daily living (bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting), fine gross and visual motor skills, and social-emotional behavior. Our OTs work with patients and their families to establish goals and routines to address what is most important to them in a fun creative manner. OT therapy helps establishing new skills and promoting independence and increasing the patient's sense of self and wellbeing. More...